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Essential Features of The New iOS; iOS7

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All of you must have heard about the intuitive upgrade to iOS that Apple has just come with, namely iOS 7. The Common perception is that Apple just shipped a new Operating System with some fancy icons and background but that is not so. iOS 7 features a whole new revamp to the operating system. A lot of cool new features come within the package and it is worth a upgrade. We would go through some of the essentials.

The user interface is the most revamped feature, being given a complete different flattish outlook. Some users might miss the buttonish icons of previous versions of iOS but the new look isn't bad either, it gives a clean look to the system.  The notification bar has massively evolved. It has been given a translucent new look. The new weather widget on board the notification bar gives a comprehensive report of the weather, stock rates widget gives a more detailed report on the market. There are now options for checking all of your missed notifications from the bar. Control panel has debuted as a new feature on iOS. It is a simple drag up menu which enables you to adjust sound, brightness, connectivity and has essential shortcuts like camera, flashlight etc within an app and on home screen and lock screen.

The way you multitask on your iOS device is not the same anymore. When you double tap the home key instead of icons appearing on bottom of screen you get a whole new menu where you can view thumbnails of the running apps. A simple swipe it all it would take to kill them.
Then how can we forget our dear Siri. iOS7 has been good to her too and has increased the intelligence level. The new Siri can perform a lot of new functions more efficiently. For example. When asked about EPL scores Siri replies. The humor gimmicks evolved too.

The camera app now features filters and kills the need of photo stimulating apps. With the introduce of iTunes radio all online radio apps have been put out of business. The app store itself has been revamped with a new functionality of displaying location based popular apps.  Another essential app the 'Notes' has been changed too for the first time. The interface has changed to a delightful fancy one from a clich├ęd traditional notebook theme.

The Messaging app, Contacts app, Face Time, Music app, Game centre, Photos, Newsstand, Reminders, Calendar, Weather, Clock all vintage iOS built-in apps face a new interface, a change that is pleasant.
All these new features and changes comes with the same premium feel that gives Apple the upper hand over their competitors. There is absolutely no lag and the Os runs smooth like honey.

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How To Deactivate/Delete WhatsApp Account on Android Devices

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  The WhatsApp mobile messenger is a simple and yet efficient chart client that enables users to chart at very cheap data billing rate across various mobile platforms. Personally, I have compared the chart client with its rivals: the Blackberry messenger-BBM, 2go chart and that of Facebook messenger etc, and the result had been that I prefer the WhatsApp messenger than any other Mobil messenger App. More people are drown to it with different opinions like:
Ability to run on various devices-cross platform,  fast connectivity, cheap billing rate and also the user-friendly interface.

How To DeletE WhatsApp Account on Android


  On a Facebook Group, a friend asked "how he can deactivate his WhatsApp account," I decided to draft this articles to help him and any other person(s) who may want to erase his account from the said chart client. So,  if whatever reasons you might want to deactivate or delete your account details totally from the WhstsApp messenger, then these steps below will help do just that.

    Note: Deleting or deactivating your account will do the following not limited to:-

  • delete your account from WhatsApp.
  • delete you from your friend's selected contact list.
  • delete from all WhatsApp's groups.
  • erase your message history on your phone.
  • delete your WhatsApp service payment.

   WARNING! Deleting your account is an irreversible process, WhatsApp cannot undo the deletion after completing the process.

  If you have read and acknowledged the above warning and notes and ready to delete your account from whatsapp on your android device, just follow the steps below:

=> login to whatsapp account from your mobile phone.

=>click on [ menu botton ] => settings! => accounts.

=> delete my account.

=> you will need to enter your phone number in the full international format and take the last step by clicking on deleted my account.

    That's it, your account details is permanently Deleted from the WhatsApp messenger chart client and I am sure this has as well erased every details of you from their entire client management server.
    Has this article been helpful to achieve your aim of reading it?  your comments and observations are very important to us.

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Leaning How To Get Traffic To a Celebrity Gossip Blog in 7 Easy Steps

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There are certain growing numbers of celebrity gossip blogs on the Internet, only just a few finds their ways into the top 10 list on Google search engine result, or other numerous search engines. The fortunate ones have that exceptional cartel of creativity, personality and a touch of the unanticipated.
So, if you're ready in leaning how to get traffic to your celebrity gossip blog and stand out in a crowd? brilliant you've landed at the right place.
Getting noticed or ranking high a gossip blog on search engines could be a bit challenging, considering the numbers of  blog on the internet,  and new ones yet to be launched. But, with these 7 easy steps, you all be well on your way to getting noticed and drive massive traffic to your celebrity gossip blog. If you are ready, search the internet for juiciest gossip,  then create your blog or website, apply the report presented below, and see your blog skyrocket to success:

Drive Traffic to Celebrity Gossip Blog
Image courtesy of jiggoja at freedigitalphotos
Try to post several times a day- Part of having a successful blog is getting a readership that keeps coming back. Updating a celebrity gossip blog often, if possible 3 to 5 or more every day, won't be a bad idea in a fast-paced world like entertainment and celebrity, you need to be updating throughout the day to keep your readers coming back after a while, which invariably becomes part of their daily routine. Every day, you should have something new to offer to your readers, and do that more, breaking news,  rumors and most likely, be ready to trade places your competitors fears to; Linda Ikeji's blog top-secret. With this, your readers will keep coming back as if their life's depends on it.


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Attach Yourself to it- This is key to success for of my favorite celebrities gossip blogger. There are a million company running celebrity gossip sites, but if you attach your personality to it, and people like your personality, your blog will take off. People like to see the person behind the blog there are reading,  for accountability purpose,  and not just some sorts of hid-behind the screen game,  show off who you are and what you're made-up of,. as most of the celebrity bloggers are such much afraid of using their real names, or uploading their pictures images, that makes you look unrealistic to the person visiting your blog for the first time, and I doubt it if he will revisit again.

Picture galleries- The biggest traffic drivers for celebrity gossip sites are photos. People love to click through photos of celebrities doing everything from walking the red carpet to getting their morning Starbucks.
Create pages with the celebrity name,  and make the pages SEO friendly, with pictures of said celebrity. This will drive in search engine traffic for people searching for that celebrity. If one of them does something newsworthy your pages will likely come up well in search engine.

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Be accessible- If you're still yet to leverage on this, you most be missing a lot as a celebrity gossip blogger. Set up an email account for your blog where readers can easily send you breaking news, stories and tips. This helps make the site interactive for the readers. It allows you to use your readers as news sources,  and make your job less stressful.

Respond to comments from your blog readers- I will clearly state it, "most big time celebrity gossip bloggers finds it difficult responding to comments from their readers,, Responding to comments is a great way to get people engaged in your blog, to start a discussion and argument in the comments section. I don't know about anyone else, I feel bad and less important if comments on blog gets no attention.
Make your site shareable- make each individual pages shareable via Facebook, twitter. The easier it is shared, the more wide spread it goes. There are a lot of people on twitter who love posting stories about their favorite celebrities, befriend them and give them stuff to re-tweet. The same goes with Facebook.  Though building followers could take a little while, only you persevere.


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Don't forget social media bookmarking sites- A celebrity blog, social media bookmarking sites such as Digg, Reddit etc, are hotspots for celebrity gossip. Building a reputation on these sites, you can get followers and possibly "blow up" some stories that will get you thousands of traffic hits in a day. Just be careful and make sure to post other celebrity blogs, don't be a spammer who post their own links alone or people will ignore you, or worse yet you can be banned.

I think by properly putting together the above tips and ideas, you could have a hit. It could take months or more to get good results at the beginning,  but once you do you all have all the traffic you need on your celebrity gossip blog with very little paid advertisement campaign. Don't give up too quickly. What is your views on this?

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7 Links to Shorten your Links and Customize Social Stats Tracking

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URLs or links shortening services are nothing new to any heavy internet user, while most of the average internet users are still yet to recognize these services and how to use its potentials. As to making a very lengthy URLs looks more manageable is the impetus of these services.

Indeed, is important we shorten the links we share in order to save space

and also make it less offending to the viewers. Links with a very long URLs are prone to increase the bounce rate at which one can click on the links, even though they may contain valuable information to the potential viewer.


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Taking a very lengthy and annoying web links (affiliate marking, referral links or blog page URL, for example) and shortening them down to a more reasonable size,
simply copy the URL into the required field at the web site of any URL shortening services of your choice, "hit enter" and there you go, you will get a shorter version of the previous  links.

Urls Shortening Services

Most of these services allows you to edit and customize your links, which make them look more appealing. These shortened links can be easily shared via Email messages or IM without the URLs breaking. This service comes very handy, when posting links to micro-publishing tools like twitter, where you are limited with 140 characters per tweets. Literally, there are over hundreds of this link shortening services one can find out there, but we've decided to break it down to 10 most used ones in undiscriminating order:
  • Arguably, the most used service out there. Bitly allows you to shorten, edit and customize links you create. With bitly, you can get stats for all the links you created. Also, keep track number of clicks from Facebook, Google+ and twitter.
About Bitly;
"bitly is the easiest and most fun way to save, share and discover links from around  the web. We call these links bitmarks, and you can use bitly to remember, curate and share them. Bitly is available via our website, browser extensions, mobile web, and numerous third-party tools integrated with our open public API. bitly also powers more than 10,000 custom short URLs and offers an enterprise analytics platform that helps web publishers and brands grow their social media traffic.
  •  AdFly: Why not earn money from every visitor that click your link.  AdFly-the URL shortening service that pays for clicks on your shortened URLs. It also features custom edit of link you created.
  • Profoundly used on twitter. Though, can as well-used on other web sites outside twitter.
  • As a decent alternative for URL shortening service, it can shortens, customize and keep track your link.
  • Google URL Shortener: Most definitely, the list wouldn't have been completed without the URL shortening services of Google; "the indomitable giant on the internet." You can check them out Google URL shortening service here
  • Yahoo! URL Shortener: Yahoo of recent, acquired a URL shortening service from bread, am sure they wouldn't want to miss out on the list of URL shortening service., takes a lengthy URLs and shorten them to be more manageable and convenient to share via any medium.

And the list continues. These are not the list, but the most used URL shortening service on the internet, of which I know there some other URL shortening services out there. Bring them to our notice by using the comment box below.
Image courtesy: Idea go at freedigitalphotos
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How to Upgrade 32k MTN SIM Card to 128k- Alternative to Fix Slow Internet Connection

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A SIM card (Subscriber Identity Module) is like a ultra-micro-mini computers with a processor and storage space. This storage is very small because it serves a very basic functions. Similar to HDD of a Computer System,  it has a different type of  "partitions" for different kind of "applications". The bigger size the more applications can be fit into.

The SIM card has evolved since its release in 1991 by Giesecke & Devrient, a company that made the first commercially available SIM cards. The storage memory of a SIM card ranges from 16k 32k 64k most recently to 128k, with differences in 3G functionality and support.

Before now, I thought the SIM card memory storage has nothing to do with the mobile download/broadband speed, even to the extend of arguing with a friend that "1k memory is more than enough to store all the configuration settings and string modules of a SIM card". But, reverse was the case.

Lately, I found out I was having a problem with the 3G functionality of my 32k MTN SIM card. The internet speed was very slow compared to that of 128k SIM cards, Even while am on a 3G enabled area.

Because of my numerous online engagements, i needed more high speed internet data connection, it becomes so unbearable which made me to complain at one of the MTN customer service centers across the states of Nigerian, after that I got to know I could upgrade 32k MTN SIM card to 128k as an alternative to fix slow internet connection.

If you had recently purchased any of the prepaid SIM card from MTN Nigeria, you might have noticed the memory storage at the back of the SIM is not more than 32k. This storage space affects the 3G support and connectivity of the SIM card, 

The benefits of upgrading 32k MTN SIM card to 128k includes:-

- Better 3G support, fast internet connection and more space for numbers.
- Capacity and speed
- Dedicated application for 3G functionality.
- HSDPA up to 3mbps and lots more.

You can upgrade 32k MTN SIM card to 128k by simply retrieving your line. You can do this in few step:-

- Walk into any of the MTN customer service centers or MTN trade partners and request for welcome back pack.
- You must have a valid means of identification; National ID card, Drivers license, International Passport or School ID.
- A token of five hundred and fifty naira ( 550)
- Fill the form correctly with the details on your ID.
-Waite for KYC  ( Know Your Customer ) necessities.
Congratulations, you now have a new prepaid dynamic MTN SIM card with memory storage of 128k ready to use in few hours time.

With 128k SIM, you can now experience a high speed 3G internet connection on your laptops and mobile devices. I spotted these difference between 32k and 128k MTN SIM cards, after I have retrieved one of my lost Sim. as I am sure most of you might have noticed this as well, but could not sought out a possible solution to it.

If this founding was helpful to you or you have any questions regarding this post, why not give us a credit.? See you on my next post.
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